Daddy’s Beard Care


Daddy’s Beard Care

Daddy’s Beard Care gift set is the perfect gift for Dads who loves to take care of his skin and beard.


Daddy’s Beard Care gift set offers products for Dad’s daytime and nighttime beard-care routine.

  1. Face Cleanser for cleansing his face and promote beard growth
  2. Beard Balm that he uses in in the morning after cleansing and combing his beard to keep it set in place and for a natural glow
  3. Beard Serum for in the night after he cleanses his face, he applies it for nourishment, growth promotion and keeping his beard soft and manageable

How to use:

After cleansing the skin and beard apply either the balm keeping the beard in shape and for a natural glow. At the night after cleansing the skin apply the beard serum for nourishment, promoting growth and keep it manageable.

When to use:

Anytime you feel like to cleanse the face you can use the face cleanser. During the day use the beard balm and at night time apply the beard serum. The beard will stay manageable and it will gain volume.