Cleanse & Tone Set


Cleanse & Tone Set

Cleanse & Tone set is double the skincare, double the results! Our magical tonic and cleanser duo work together to purify, balance, and revitalize your skin. Experience the ultimate skincare synergy.

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Cleanse & Tone set

Cleanse your face with one of our glycerin-gel cleansers removing all dirt and even make-up. Afterwards tone and protect your face with our Rosa Canina tonic containing rose water, witch hazel and rosehip powder. Choose between the blushing, shine bright or simple cleansers.

How to use:

First cleanse your face with the face cleanser to remove all dirt, sweat and make-up. Follow-up by adding the tonic on a piece of cotton and apply all-over your face and leave on.

When to use:

Both cleanser and tonic can be used whenever you feel like cleansing your face. The cleanser conditions and not strip your face. The tonic will tighten the skin after hydration and protects it against break-outs.

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Rosa Canina & Blushing, Rosa Canina & Shine Bright, Rosa Canina & Simple