Glycerin Gel Cleanser


Glycerin Gel Cleanser

Glycerin gel cleanser with its mild and gentle foam doesn’t strip the life out of your face. Attracts moisture leaving your skin clean and conditioned.

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Glycerin Gel Cleanser

You need humectants today and every day.
This mild glycerin based clear gel cleanser not only cleanses but also hydrates and conditions your skin.
The cleanser comes in three variations:

  • Blushing represents green cherries and hence is scented with natural cherry scent
  • Shine Bright tells you to shine bright with its bright yellow color and scented with natural pineapple scent
  • Simple is for the sensitive gal who prefers no scent and no color.

How to use

Wet your face, pour a small amount of the cleanser in your hand and rub all over your face.
It removes dirt, sweat and make-up.

When to use

This glycerin gel cleanser can be used every time you feel your face needs to be cleaned. Since it is mild it doesn’t irritate your eyes nor strip your face leaving it dry. Vegetable glycerin together with coco glucoside cleanses, attracts moisture and conditions the skin.

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Blushing, Shine Bright, Simple

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