Aromatherapy Candle – Rosea


Breath, be more Present

Nowadays  as soon as you cough or sneeze, everyone turns and look at you.
But let’s be real, cold and flu are still here.

Our Aromatherapy Candle Rosea knows how to cut an upcoming cold or flu and stimulate your immune system.
Rosea wants to support you, uplift & brighten your mind revealing all your life’s blissful moments.
Dare to grab Rosea for an aw-inspiring experience.


‘Rosea’ means Breath in Papiamento.

Our aromatherapy soy candle Rosea

1. Has a powerful & penetrating aroma of Eucalyptus that uplifts & clarifies your mind and chase all stress

2. Discover the sweet fresh uplifting Lemon aroma that promotes a sense of openness

3. Environmentally friendly due to the 100% Soy wax

4. Alleviate sinus and allergies that are some of the therapeutic benefits of both Eucalyptus and Lemon

5. Experience being at the spa in your own home

When to use

Light Rosea two hours before you turn to bed. Dim it and sleep peacefully while inhaling the relaxing scent of Eucalyptus and Lemon essential oils.

How to use

When lighting Rosea for the first time, let it burn for at least 2 hours so the meltpool reaches the glass.

Lighting for consecutive times, trim the wick for optimal burn and enjoy your candle.

Candle weight: 8oz

Additional information

Weight 0.908 lbs
Dimensions 2.87 × 2.87 × 3.5 in

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