Daddy’s Body & Face


Daddy’s Body & face

Daddy’s Body & Face gift set is for the Dad who’s self-care is number one.
He loves to pamper himself every day.


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Daddy’s Body & Face

Daddy loves to self-care. So he definitely will love this gift containing

  1. Nochi di Pas soap that washes all stress from his body and energizes his spirit with the delightful scent of Peppermint. It foams and leather’s up nicely.
  2. Shine bright cleanser cleanses his face removing all dirt and sweat. Leaving his skin feeling conditioned.
  3. Wooden soap dish so he can place his soap to dry after using it.

How to use:

When taking a shower or bath leather-up the soap on a shower cloth and rub this allover your body. Afterwards rinse it off with water. Shine Bright cleanser can be used anytime you feel you need to cleanse your face. It cleanses your face without stripping the life out of it.

When to use:

Both soap and cleanser can be used whenever you feel you need to take a shower or cleanse your face.